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Simplest way to earn a Residual Income

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Dubai Expansion Programme.

Rapidly Growing Global Community of Entrepreneurs.

On Tuesday 20th November 2018 at 14:00

Grand Hyatt Dubai

Sheikh Rashid Road – Riyadh St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Speakers from London, Ireland, Malaysia and many more countries.

stabrawa tadeusz call now dubai event


stabrawa tadeusz call now dubai event

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Dascoin is the best

Why DasCoin is … read on

The Founder of first popular Cryptocurrency Is A Ghost

While the idea of a digital currency was actualized decades ago, cryptocurrency was conceived less than 3 decades ago. However, it was never actualized until 2009 and when the real code was developed. However, the surprising thing is that no one owns the king of cryptocurrencies – the bitcoin. The first interesting fact about cryptocurrency: It is credited to Satoshi Nakamoto but there is not real connection. He has not even claimed ownership of the code. This is an ecosystem that is open for people to mine and get commissions as well as rewards. If you are looking for the owner, you will not get anytime soon.

Why compare each cryptocurrency to Bitcoin?

In 2009, one Bitcoin was worth $0.003 which is another interesting fact about cryptocurrency. People had not taken note of the currency and were not even interested in its value. By 2017 Dec, the value was $17900 and rising. Today, it has fallen to $6,000. And yet there are plenty of people willing to buy crypto currency.

Unbelievable, someone paid for a pizza using 10,000 BTC and…

…he liked pizzas, and whether he liked footbol ?

This is one of the unbelievable facts about cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin. A developer used 10,000 bitcoins to pay for 2 pizzas in 2010. That only points at how far the coin and generally the market have come.

In December of 2017, that would have translated to 180 000 000 $

dascoin pizza tadeusz stabrawa dubaiThis was 20 million dollars more than the brand value of Arsenal football club by 2017. Imagine buying a global soccer concern for only 2 pizzas in 2010.

The real value of cryptocurrency lies in their Blockchain

The value of currencies lies in the technology that is used during storage and transactions. This is a digital platform that is also decentralized. The ledger records all transactions and gives a history of all activity on a coin. This technology makes the coins safe and efficient to use. This technology has made investors so excited about the currencies.

Why is DasCoin cryptocurrency better?

Come on, we’re 2018.

One word.

Tenchnology and vision.

No, no, that’s two words. DasCoin has everything twice more.

Blockchain technology presents more advantages.  The technology operates 24 hrs and 7 days in a week.  Speed…3 seconds. This is unlike traditional banking systems where you have to wait for the next working day to have your transaction approved. This is what has endeared many minors to the technology. The absence of a middleman also reduces transaction costs. Both parties have control over the direction of a transaction. This guarantees safety of investor monies. The future of blockchain technology also lies in the users and not a third party.

Blockchain Bitcoin   10 minutes        vs.       Blockchain Dascoin 3 seconds

The future with  Dascoin

We have not yet heard the end of the cryptocurrency as new applications and information appear. It is a growing ecosystem with a unique offer for investors and the financial market. With the birth of Dascoin, the market became more interesting.

Dascoin is having its personal hardware wallet known as the Validator, and this feature makes the blockchain the most secure in the world. With this Validator, you can securely store your Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and DASCOIN (DSC).

Dascoin is having its own marketing strategy system, which is Netleaders. With the help of this Netleaders initiative, Dascoin has been able to spread its tentacles worldwide within last two years and it is not stopping anytime soon. Through Netleaders, advocates could enroll into the educational system of the DasEcosystem and get enlightened and empowered to share the wisdom and knowledge of the ecosystem with others around the world.

KYC – knowing your client is more than enough to prevent crimes

Dascoin makes sure that the problems arising from other cryptocurrencies are not what you should be worried about because you know the rules about customers. Ensuring that each Dascoin license holder passes through his KYC exercise, allows the company to operate in accordance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and prevent crimes around the world. It solves the centralization problem regarding other altcoins and Bitcoin, and this will make Dascoin a legal currency for payment solutions around the world.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your Dascoin licence to get more cycles for minting more Dascoins. Then spread the good news across to your crypto friends.

November 21st – 25th The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai….Learn more about Dascoin, Blockchain, learn about the Netleaders community. Write to me. We’re flying to DUbaj..


Dubai for Free. It’s possible!

Dubai for Free. It’s possible!

Now is the time to make your plans to attend our third Dubai Global Summit, and as ever we will be pulling out all the stops to ensure it’s the biggest and best yet. Most importantly we want it to be the most useful for YOU and your future within the Das ecosystem so we are spreading out the schedule to incorporate five days.

We feel this will give people enough time to unwind in this fabulous city as well as engage in important training and networking, while absorbing the key news from the ground-breaking speeches which will be delivered on the opening day.

November 21st – 25th

The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai

Dubai Summit: Special promo launch

If you are still thinking about whether or not to come to the big Dubai Global Summit (November 21-25) then we’ve got the perfect deal which we’re pretty sure will absolutely CONVINCE you to come and join us in the UAE!

If you are able to sell licenses to a total value of €6,000 euros in a two-month period between September 10 and November 11 not only will you get to go to the event for free, you will also have up to €500 reimbursed off both your travel and hotel costs.

Our sales-based approach will, we hope, encourage more people from across the broad spectrum of the NetLeaders community to get to a summit that nobody will want to miss.

Dubai for Free. It’s possible!

Here’s how it works:

Please be aware of the following: each NetLeaders license holder (as defined by username) can qualify only once for the promotion. ‘Event ticket’ covers the main conference day in Dubai only, on November 21. However, the first 1 000 event ticket applicants will also gain access to one of the training sessions scheduled for November 23.

The events on November 24 (activities and cocktail ) and November 25 (Abu Dhabi GP) will be ticketed separately.

However, if you achieve €50 000 personal sales volume during the promotional period or €75 000 weak leg volume you will be invited to the VIP yacht party!

Tickets are limited to 2 000 so it is essential that you pay for them first through the Back Office once they are released to avoid disappointment. You will be reimbursed by us should you meet the qualification criteria. The same system applies for flight and hotel expenses: book everything necessary yourself and you will be reimbursed up to €500 if you have met the criteria.



November 23 – TRAINING (Two half-day sessions)


November 25 – ABU DHABI GP

Anyone qualifying for rewards will receive a notification email from our events team at the conclusion of the promotional period.

Once all events tickets are purchased through the NetLeaders shop, we cannot hold any back to offer for promotional purposes so once again we urge you please to buy your tickets as soon as possible.

The promotion applies to all sales you make associated with your username only. For any further help, please contact Also apply to this email if you need an official company letter to assist your visa application.

Das33, how does it work?

Das33, how does it work?

Das33, how does it work? New units, called “premium tokens,” are digitally created and issued on the DasCoin blockchain. Once a company is selected to create a token on the platform, it will determine the number of tokens to be offered. Each token represents the potential for future value based on the company’s level of achievement of the designated KPI. Each token is essentially a smart contract: a pre-defined premium (e.g., €0.01) will be paid to every token holder for every KPI milestone achieved (e.g., every €1 million in gross sales made by the company). To acquire these tokens, interested parties must exchange correlative value in the form of cryptographic currency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or DasCoin) on the DasExchange, an exchange accessible through the DasWallet. Tokens are initially distributed through a crowd sale on the platform. Once the crowd sale is completed, the tokens are released and can be actively exchanged on the DasExchange.

How does a company get selected for the Das33 platform?

Companies must successfully complete the platform’s rigorous evaluation process to be selected to make an offering on Das33. The process starts with the submission of an application along with the application fee of €2,500 (which can be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum or DasCoin). All applications are reviewed and rated by internal staff. Highly-rated applications are then matched to an Advisor, who works directly with the company on preparing the token offering. Once the offering is deemed to be ready by the Advisor (including team, website, business plan, and video), it is submitted for review to the Assessment Committee, which is comprised of five seasoned business professionals from a variety of industry backgrounds. Only after being favorably evaluated by a simple majority of the Assessment Committee will the prospective project be presented on the Das33 platform.

What are “premium tokens”?

Premium tokens are a new variety of blockchain-based digital tokens. They are considered neither utility tokens nor security tokens. (Utility tokens perform a function within a system, while security tokens derive value from an underlying asset, such as company equity.) Instead, premium tokens obligate the issuing company to pay a pre-defined premium to the token holder based on the company’s achievement of a designated Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The token’s KPI is defined by the issuing company, and must be easily verifiable by the token holder. The token represents a promise to pay a premium by the issuing company based on its achievement of the stated KPI – it does not represent any underlying asset (such as company equity, dividends or debt) and it does not perform a function within a blockchain-based system. Essentially, the premium token represents a smart contract: the issuing company will pay a premium to the token holder based on its achievement of a stated KPI. The payment of the premium will be made on the DasCoin Blockchain using its native cryptocurrency (DasCoin) on agreed upon time increments (e.g., monthly, quarterly).

typ tokens stabrawa tadeusz dascoinworld

What is the role of the Das33 platform?

The platform acts as a mediator between the offering companies and the token holders, performing a variety of functions, including helping to frame the parameters of the offerings, monitoring the progress towards the achievement of milestones, and enforcing mutually agreed-upon control measures.


Participation Rounds

In return for participating in a Das33 project, you will receive a corresponding number of project tokens, which will eventually be tradable on the DasExchange. Also, depending on which round you decide to participate in, you will receive a certain amount of bonus project tokens. The earlier you get in, the more bonus tokens you can expect to receive. Base project tokens will be released once the project has been fully crowdsourced, while bonus tokens will be released in phases after the crowdsourcing is complete.

Participation in the project will commence in a series of rounds. Each round will continue until its target amount has been collected.



In order to participate in a Das33 project you first need to have a registered DasWallet account. Once you have created your DasWallet account, completed your KYC (Know Your Customer) validation, and you’re all set to participate in Das33 projects. In the Das33 section of your DasWallet account, you will see an overview of all the currently ongoing projects. All that’s left is to choose your favorite project and support it with your DasCoin.

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dascoinworld stabrawa tadeusz

How to Create a Das33 Project


Submit Your Project to Das33

  1. Create a Das33 Account

    The first step in submitting your project to Das33 is signing up as a Project Owner. To complete this simple process, all you need to do is fill in a registration form with some basic information about yourself and your project.

  2. Project Submission Fee

    Once you have created your account and logged in to the Das33 Project Administration Dashboard, you will be prompted to complete your Project Submission payment. Once your payment has been processed, you will be notified via email.

  3. Upload Your Project Documents

    Make sure you have a White Paper, Business Plan, and a document containing the CVs of key individual(s) at your company ready before this step, as these are required documents. You can also upload additional documents if you consider them essential to your project.

  4. Submit for Review

    All your documents and the project information you specified when signing up as a project owner will now be sent to our Assessment Committee. This independent group of experts will review your project and decide whether it is ready for publication.

    Good Luck! GO !

About DasRoadmap

What is DasRoadmap ?

DasRoadmap is a key part of the DasCoin project because it displays the company’s past, present and future.


In this place you can see how and when DasCoin began. You can also view the latest developments and the latest features added to the DasCoin project. You can also just use it to see what upcoming releases related to the project.

If you look at July and August 2018, you’ll notice some important updates. DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias announced on August 9, 2018 that DasRoadmap had significant updates, and the latest version was now available on the project website.

The updated version of the ‚road map’ gives investors, those who want to take advantage of DasCoin projects and those who are interested in this project, a better idea of ​​which projects are implemented and in which order they will be launched.

dasroadmap dascoin tadeusz stabrawa

When looking at the updated version of DasRoadmap, pay special attention to the projects that will run for the rest of the year.

What new?

We will see DAS33, DasMarketplace and DasRewards, together with the launch of both Fashion Blockchain and the DasNet application. In the action plan at the beginning of 2019 This is, of course, only part of the plans, which are still being expanded.

DasRoadmap provides insight into the company’s goals and future, while providing transparency on how DasCoin will achieve these goals. In this way, colleagues and people interested in the currency of trust can see exactly what plans DasCoin has and what steps it will take to make this vision a reality.

Currently, DasRoadmap extends to the beginning of 2019, which allows us to take a look at several more projects that will be launched. Some are listed using the very start, while others contain additional steps. Other milestones on the DasRoadmap map refer, for example, to DAS33.

Other premieres have fewer steps because a significant part of the work has already been completed. After the release of DAS33 you will notice the launch of DasCoin Marketplace, then DasRewards Launch, and then DasPay beta, the last of which is the first in the two-part series of DasPay milestones.

From there, DasCoin will launch Fashion Blockchain, and then the DasNet application.

Anna Hejka is dead

Anna Hejka is dead. The reason for the death of the businesswoman was lung cancer with an extremely severe course, which she had recently become ill. The death of Anna Hejka was announced by the president of DasCoin, Michael Mathias.

– With a heavy heart and great pain I write to you about the passing away of Anna Hejka, our beloved friend, colleague and Director in the Board of Directors of DasCoin. Anna unexpectedly left our life when she succumbed to a sudden but aggressive change in lung cancer after a very short period of illness.

Anna Hejka was the founder and president of the Heyka Capital Markets Group, the first investment bank in Central Europe. She founded a brokerage company in the USA and many funds and companies. She was the Global Leader of the Tomorrow World Economic Forum in Davos and the Business Angel of the Year of the European Association of Business Angels. She was also an expert in the popular Dragon’s Den program.

Anna Hejka had an idea for the world. She quickly became involved in the investment market. She immediately transferred her great education to professional levels, gaining them successively.

Anna Hejka was known for motivating performances on stage. Apparently, thousands loved her, and coworkers could always count on her forbearance and support. Warm words come from almost all over the world, summarizing all the successes of a woman.

– In addition to being a loving friend and invaluable colleague, Anna was an inspiring leader and role model for many people around the world. Her charisma on stage during many of our events left an unforgettable impression. She was the embodiment of passion, professionalism, intelligence and commitment and no words are able to express how much we will miss her – he wrote to Mathias employees.

Das33 platform…

The Das ecosystem is happy to welcome Greenstorc, a company that develops solutions in the field of energy from renewable sources that use heat from the earth. This is a pioneering project that is also the debut of the groundbreaking Das33 platform

CEO DasCoin Michael Mathias introduced CEO Greenstorc Paul Flynn during the weekly webinar NetLeaders. They explained how Greenstorc is to use the Das33 platform to implement its plans.

New units, called „premium tokens”, will be digitally generated in the DasCoin blockchain. Tokens reflect the potential for value growth, related to the level of Greenstorc achieving the assumed KPI, and more specifically the amount of energy produced by Greenstorc, expressed in megawatts.

Interested community members can exchange their cryptographic resources via Das33 for tokens assigned to the project. When the target KPIs are reached, the tokens holders are paid a premium in a predetermined amount. It is a more effective and transparent method of participation of token holders in the development of Greenstorc, which does not require limiting the market liquidity.

Tokens are made available through group sales via DasWallet, a digital wallet used by users with an identity confirmed in accordance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. After the group sale is completed, the tokens are passed on to users and can be traded on the DasExchange.

Announcing officially the beginning of cooperation with Greenstorc as part of the Das33 platform, chairman Michael Mathias said: „For Das33, there was finally the moment we were waiting for. Greenstorc will be the first pioneer project on the platform. This is a company that has been attracted by many members of the ecosystem about a year ago. We are dealing with a truly unique undertaking – it’s a great idea, great technology and great people who stand behind this project. This is a company that everyone will be happy with, especially those who created it. „

„The value of the STORC token is related to the implementation of KPI by Greenstorc. It is not related to the value of our company. It is amazing that the value is related to the development itself. When we reach a certain level and obtain the status of a public utility company, we will become attractive in the eyes of pension funds and other investment companies. These entities will provide our company with financing, and we will be able to expand our assets and pay more premiums to holders of STORC tokens. Existing token holders continue to benefit, and we obtain funding from the institution. „

Greenstorc is the first pioneer project on the Das33 platform. After the impact of subsequent proposals, the projects will be evaluated, and the final decision will be taken by a commission of independent experts. Thanks to this, the DasCoin community will gain access only to the highest quality projects.

Once again, we meet in Dubai

Debbie Cassidy, the new director of events and sales

With the choice of the new director, the strategy for the most important events has been improved. This strategy is new, brings a lot of freshness and ideas in action. In November the last global event will be held this year, in the centre of Dubai.

The next three global events will take place every year.

Debbie works closely with the Belgrade event team and event partners who have worked with NetLeaders from the beginning. The new director will soon provide a global and national calendar of events.

dascoinworld tadeusz stabrawa dascoin

The whole team is preparing a schedule of upcoming events. The main priority is a fuller involvement in the global community together with new lawyers and clients.

The whole team wants to provide a program of events in which training, development and education will form the core of the project along with business results. All dates and venues will be announced with a long turnaround time, giving everyone time to plan their trip and arrange a visa. In accordance with the assumption, Das33 will be introduced to the market, thus giving an exciting and unique way to launch the Token Asset Offering platform.

The date of the event in Dubai is already known and these are to be dates from November 21 to November 25! An additional day is to facilitate the submission of many advocates who need time to get acquainted with new ecosystem improvements, and to take full advantage of networking opportunities.

The dates are from 21 to 25 include 21 and 25 days in full.

So 5 days with lots of information ahead of us! We’re counting down the days to this very important event. Once again, we meet in Dubai. In connection with this, a series of smaller events, ie Road to Dubai, is launched. They will take place in strategically selected locations and all meetings will aim to broaden knowledge about the Das ecosystem and Netleaders. It is all the more important because as we have mentioned before, we focus on the community. There is the power of success in the community.

Michael Mathias – We are not slowing down the pace!

Michael Mathias presents a new product offer regarding NetLeaders licenses. After the Barcelona Top Leaders Global Conference, he presented the advantages of the new Enhanced Utility Licenses.

At the moment, every license has a product purpose. When you buy a license, you license a smart business platform that is a CRM tool.

Michael added: „We are a global network and we can use the potential of our network. Our new Smart Business Tools package is a comprehensive platform for a company that tracks communication with various clients and a customer relationship management system.

dascoinworld michael mathias netleaders stabrawa tadeusz

The whole package has many different functions such as e-mail, social media, content management, things that help organize a small business. Thanks to this, the company increases its chances of success and retention.

The most important point of reference is also the AlliancePay prototype, which was implemented before the launch of DasPay in March 2019

It is very important that lawyers understand that Cycles will continue to be distributed along with packages targeted at the new product.

AlliancePay was introduced in the form of a prototype for a selected group of lawyers. This action is intended to test this option. Tests must be done to finally find out what will happen to DasPay and the full comprehensive vendor processing solution.

This is really the goal and offer that every business will be interested in. Barcelona only provided us with this first look.

Active cooperation with Carta allowed to bring this solution to the testing phase, and the final product will be available in March 2019.

The first 500 lawyers will receive a virtual card, then a plastic card, and finally do touchless shopping through the application. This will eventually be implemented in the whole community.

It is worth mentioning that

The launch of Das33 will take place in September in order to ensure full compliance of the project with jurisdictions around the world

DasMarketPlace will be the name of the platform used to purchase products directly from DasCoin from the DasWallet level

The next NetLeaders conference will take place on September 29 – the plan and place will be announced soon.

DasPay and Das33, only a dozen days separates us from the introduction

We’re counting down the days to Barcelona

DasPay and Das33.  Barcelona or the long-awaited event is coming fast. In the last week, Netleaders provided a lot of important information. This information makes Emotions go up. Only a dozen days separates us from the introduction of

DasPay and Das33

It is important that the company also took care of people who had previously purchased their license.

Until June 17, everyone can take advantage of the „Original Frequency” offer, which means that there is not much time left, so take action today so that you do not miss your chance.

During the announcement of this offer, Michael Mathias stressed that it is a way of remunerating employees who helped develop the network at the very beginning.

In addition, it should be noted that all licenses are covered by the offer, regardless of whether they are new or purchased earlier.

33% of the value of bonus cycles is connected with the official introduction of Das33.

June 30 is an important reference point. Five potential partners for cooperation will also be presented on this day.

It is worth mentioning that the cycles will offer more usability as mentioned in the previous article. By increasing the usability of the cycles, their value will also increase.

People who want to grow in marketing need to know that presentations are available in 3 languages, Polish, Vietnamese and Thai, and soon there will be new Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Brazilian.

With translations of materials, you can share knowledge as efficiently and accurately as possible.

It should also be mentioned that on Thursday we were very pleased when we heard from overworked Michael Mathias, who returned from the Blockchain For Impact summit in the United Nations.

Speaking on the NetLeaders Weekly webcast, Michael said the highlight was the final address from Dennis Kucinich, a former US senator.

„He gave an unbelievable speech on the need for self-regulatory measures,” Michael explained.

There was a real momentum that began with this speech about the whole area of ​​self-regulation that is really needed to preserve blockchain.


We drive forward all the time;)