About DasRoadmap

What is DasRoadmap ?

DasRoadmap is a key part of the DasCoin project because it displays the company’s past, present and future.


In this place you can see how and when DasCoin began. You can also view the latest developments and the latest features added to the DasCoin project. You can also just use it to see what upcoming releases related to the project.

If you look at July and August 2018, you’ll notice some important updates. DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias announced on August 9, 2018 that DasRoadmap had significant updates, and the latest version was now available on the project website.

The updated version of the ‘road map’ gives investors, those who want to take advantage of DasCoin projects and those who are interested in this project, a better idea of ​​which projects are implemented and in which order they will be launched.

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When looking at the updated version of DasRoadmap, pay special attention to the projects that will run for the rest of the year.

What new?

We will see DAS33, DasMarketplace and DasRewards, together with the launch of both Fashion Blockchain and the DasNet application. In the action plan at the beginning of 2019 This is, of course, only part of the plans, which are still being expanded.

DasRoadmap provides insight into the company’s goals and future, while providing transparency on how DasCoin will achieve these goals. In this way, colleagues and people interested in the currency of trust can see exactly what plans DasCoin has and what steps it will take to make this vision a reality.

Currently, DasRoadmap extends to the beginning of 2019, which allows us to take a look at several more projects that will be launched. Some are listed using the very start, while others contain additional steps. Other milestones on the DasRoadmap map refer, for example, to DAS33.

Other premieres have fewer steps because a significant part of the work has already been completed. After the release of DAS33 you will notice the launch of DasCoin Marketplace, then DasRewards Launch, and then DasPay beta, the last of which is the first in the two-part series of DasPay milestones.

From there, DasCoin will launch Fashion Blockchain, and then the DasNet application.