Das33, how does it work?

Das33, how does it work?

Das33, how does it work? New units, called “premium tokens,” are digitally created and issued on the DasCoin blockchain. Once a company is selected to create a token on the platform, it will determine the number of tokens to be offered. Each token represents the potential for future value based on the company’s level of achievement of the designated KPI. Each token is essentially a smart contract: a pre-defined premium (e.g., €0.01) will be paid to every token holder for every KPI milestone achieved (e.g., every €1 million in gross sales made by the company). To acquire these tokens, interested parties must exchange correlative value in the form of cryptographic currency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or DasCoin) on the DasExchange, an exchange accessible through the DasWallet. Tokens are initially distributed through a crowd sale on the platform. Once the crowd sale is completed, the tokens are released and can be actively exchanged on the DasExchange.

How does a company get selected for the Das33 platform?

Companies must successfully complete the platform’s rigorous evaluation process to be selected to make an offering on Das33. The process starts with the submission of an application along with the application fee of €2,500 (which can be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum or DasCoin). All applications are reviewed and rated by internal staff. Highly-rated applications are then matched to an Advisor, who works directly with the company on preparing the token offering. Once the offering is deemed to be ready by the Advisor (including team, website, business plan, and video), it is submitted for review to the Assessment Committee, which is comprised of five seasoned business professionals from a variety of industry backgrounds. Only after being favorably evaluated by a simple majority of the Assessment Committee will the prospective project be presented on the Das33 platform.

What are “premium tokens”?

Premium tokens are a new variety of blockchain-based digital tokens. They are considered neither utility tokens nor security tokens. (Utility tokens perform a function within a system, while security tokens derive value from an underlying asset, such as company equity.) Instead, premium tokens obligate the issuing company to pay a pre-defined premium to the token holder based on the company’s achievement of a designated Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The token’s KPI is defined by the issuing company, and must be easily verifiable by the token holder. The token represents a promise to pay a premium by the issuing company based on its achievement of the stated KPI – it does not represent any underlying asset (such as company equity, dividends or debt) and it does not perform a function within a blockchain-based system. Essentially, the premium token represents a smart contract: the issuing company will pay a premium to the token holder based on its achievement of a stated KPI. The payment of the premium will be made on the DasCoin Blockchain using its native cryptocurrency (DasCoin) on agreed upon time increments (e.g., monthly, quarterly).

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What is the role of the Das33 platform?

The platform acts as a mediator between the offering companies and the token holders, performing a variety of functions, including helping to frame the parameters of the offerings, monitoring the progress towards the achievement of milestones, and enforcing mutually agreed-upon control measures.


Participation Rounds

In return for participating in a Das33 project, you will receive a corresponding number of project tokens, which will eventually be tradable on the DasExchange. Also, depending on which round you decide to participate in, you will receive a certain amount of bonus project tokens. The earlier you get in, the more bonus tokens you can expect to receive. Base project tokens will be released once the project has been fully crowdsourced, while bonus tokens will be released in phases after the crowdsourcing is complete.

Participation in the project will commence in a series of rounds. Each round will continue until its target amount has been collected.



In order to participate in a Das33 project you first need to have a registered DasWallet account. Once you have created your DasWallet account, completed your KYC (Know Your Customer) validation, and you’re all set to participate in Das33 projects. In the Das33 section of your DasWallet account, you will see an overview of all the currently ongoing projects. All that’s left is to choose your favorite project and support it with your DasCoin.

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How to Create a Das33 Project


Submit Your Project to Das33

  1. Create a Das33 Account

    The first step in submitting your project to Das33 is signing up as a Project Owner. To complete this simple process, all you need to do is fill in a registration form with some basic information about yourself and your project.

  2. Project Submission Fee

    Once you have created your account and logged in to the Das33 Project Administration Dashboard, you will be prompted to complete your Project Submission payment. Once your payment has been processed, you will be notified via email.

  3. Upload Your Project Documents

    Make sure you have a White Paper, Business Plan, and a document containing the CVs of key individual(s) at your company ready before this step, as these are required documents. You can also upload additional documents if you consider them essential to your project.

  4. Submit for Review

    All your documents and the project information you specified when signing up as a project owner will now be sent to our Assessment Committee. This independent group of experts will review your project and decide whether it is ready for publication.

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