DasFinancial – Into the future!

DasFinancial is building a global currency exchange platform, to allow members of the DasNet ecosystem to trade DasCoin in addition to a variety of other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Exchanges will be located in key geographies around the world. Trading education and tools to empower traders along with transparency and fair trading practices are the foundation of our platform.

  DasFinancial provides advisory services to a wide range of companies across the global cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

One of the most revolutionary aspects of cryptocurrency is the many applications of blockchain technology. One of the most exciting applications is smart contracts, which are essentially self – executing legal contracts formatted as software. Aiming to increase the utility of the DasCoin ecosystem, a joint venture has been formed with Bluzelle Networks to create a variety of smart contract applications on DasNet, the global network infrastructure of the DasCoin ecosystem.

A leading integrated blokchain applications and platform services company, Bluzelle Networks had previously deployed its payment product application for Maybank, Malaysia, which allowed for inter-bank international payments to be made via blockchain.

Similarly, the company also devisedsmart contract injury and travel insurance products for two leading insures. Bluzelle has received backing from Monetary Authority of Singapore ad has embarked on a pilot project with three local banks to build a common know. Your client identification and authentication managment system. With this in place new customers will only have to be onboarded once,saving time and costs for both and banks.
Another area that Bluzelle sees as having great potential for blockchain applications is the insurance industry where in Asia alone, less than 5% of the population has insurance cover.

   DasFinancial is responsible …

for the development and implementation of DasPay. DasPay is a full service payment platform, which will allow members of the DasNet ecosystem to transact using a physical pre-paid card or a virtual payment card via mobile device. DasPay users will be able to transact in both DasCoin and fiat currencies globally anywhere Mastercard is accepted.        More about DasPay here…..

DasCoin believes strongly…

in supporting organizations and initiatives which foster positive social impact. Speaking on the subject recently, Terry O’Hearn of DasFinancial said, “There are many mainstream financial opportunities, but we are looking to create and implement solutions that open up financial services for everyone.”