DasPay. How to use DasCoin?

  Thanks to the DasPay Application, our cryptocurrency DasCoin will be automatically converted into zlotys, euros, pounds etc. In the place where we will make payments (for the store owner, chain stores etc.) wherever the Visa Mastercard payment terminals are available, it will not matter.

The owner of the store where we will pay due to the DasPay mobile application will not know, will not even be aware that we pay our crypto-valued dascoin, and the same currency in which it sells its goods will flow into its cash register. Dascoin will be automatically converted to the currency (local currency)

Technically, the whole transaction is supposed to last max.6 seconds, that is very quickly (compare the time of contactless payments with a debit card). the token will be sent to our wallet (webwallet) on which our dascoins are located and the whole procedure of checking whether we have available dascoins on the account or not, is to last for a maximum of 6 seconds.

  Of course, for technical questions related to this procedure you will find the answer when the DasPay application will come into force, which is to take place already in 2017. I will write again that the Daspay application will be in the same technology as applepay, samsungpay etc. so when it comes to the mobile payment itself, there is nothing new here.

Most importantly, NetLeaders, which develops DasCoin technology does not have to introduce new payment terminals, because it can take advantage of existing on the market, such as Visa and Mastercard.

The coming years are the golden age of cryptocurrencies. Do not let the cryptocurrency revolution fly past your nose. For me DasCoin is a ready infrastructure and a forming community. It’s also 100 times faster blockchain than Bitcoin has. Today, you buy this cryptocurrency for pennies. In a year, for two your wallet will be worth much more. And this is just the beginning…

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