Anna Hejka is dead

Anna Hejka is dead. The reason for the death of the businesswoman was lung cancer with an extremely severe course, which she had recently become ill. The death of Anna Hejka was announced by the president of DasCoin, Michael Mathias.

– With a heavy heart and great pain I write to you about the passing away of Anna Hejka, our beloved friend, colleague and Director in the Board of Directors of DasCoin. Anna unexpectedly left our life when she succumbed to a sudden but aggressive change in lung cancer after a very short period of illness.

Anna Hejka was the founder and president of the Heyka Capital Markets Group, the first investment bank in Central Europe. She founded a brokerage company in the USA and many funds and companies. She was the Global Leader of the Tomorrow World Economic Forum in Davos and the Business Angel of the Year of the European Association of Business Angels. She was also an expert in the popular Dragon’s Den program.

Anna Hejka had an idea for the world. She quickly became involved in the investment market. She immediately transferred her great education to professional levels, gaining them successively.

Anna Hejka was known for motivating performances on stage. Apparently, thousands loved her, and coworkers could always count on her forbearance and support. Warm words come from almost all over the world, summarizing all the successes of a woman.

– In addition to being a loving friend and invaluable colleague, Anna was an inspiring leader and role model for many people around the world. Her charisma on stage during many of our events left an unforgettable impression. She was the embodiment of passion, professionalism, intelligence and commitment and no words are able to express how much we will miss her – he wrote to Mathias employees.

Das33 platform…

The Das ecosystem is happy to welcome Greenstorc, a company that develops solutions in the field of energy from renewable sources that use heat from the earth. This is a pioneering project that is also the debut of the groundbreaking Das33 platform

CEO DasCoin Michael Mathias introduced CEO Greenstorc Paul Flynn during the weekly webinar NetLeaders. They explained how Greenstorc is to use the Das33 platform to implement its plans.

New units, called “premium tokens”, will be digitally generated in the DasCoin blockchain. Tokens reflect the potential for value growth, related to the level of Greenstorc achieving the assumed KPI, and more specifically the amount of energy produced by Greenstorc, expressed in megawatts.

Interested community members can exchange their cryptographic resources via Das33 for tokens assigned to the project. When the target KPIs are reached, the tokens holders are paid a premium in a predetermined amount. It is a more effective and transparent method of participation of token holders in the development of Greenstorc, which does not require limiting the market liquidity.

Tokens are made available through group sales via DasWallet, a digital wallet used by users with an identity confirmed in accordance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. After the group sale is completed, the tokens are passed on to users and can be traded on the DasExchange.

Announcing officially the beginning of cooperation with Greenstorc as part of the Das33 platform, chairman Michael Mathias said: “For Das33, there was finally the moment we were waiting for. Greenstorc will be the first pioneer project on the platform. This is a company that has been attracted by many members of the ecosystem about a year ago. We are dealing with a truly unique undertaking – it’s a great idea, great technology and great people who stand behind this project. This is a company that everyone will be happy with, especially those who created it. “

“The value of the STORC token is related to the implementation of KPI by Greenstorc. It is not related to the value of our company. It is amazing that the value is related to the development itself. When we reach a certain level and obtain the status of a public utility company, we will become attractive in the eyes of pension funds and other investment companies. These entities will provide our company with financing, and we will be able to expand our assets and pay more premiums to holders of STORC tokens. Existing token holders continue to benefit, and we obtain funding from the institution. “

Greenstorc is the first pioneer project on the Das33 platform. After the impact of subsequent proposals, the projects will be evaluated, and the final decision will be taken by a commission of independent experts. Thanks to this, the DasCoin community will gain access only to the highest quality projects.

Once again, we meet in Dubai

Debbie Cassidy, the new director of events and sales

With the choice of the new director, the strategy for the most important events has been improved. This strategy is new, brings a lot of freshness and ideas in action. In November the last global event will be held this year, in the centre of Dubai.

The next three global events will take place every year.

Debbie works closely with the Belgrade event team and event partners who have worked with NetLeaders from the beginning. The new director will soon provide a global and national calendar of events.

dascoinworld tadeusz stabrawa dascoin

The whole team is preparing a schedule of upcoming events. The main priority is a fuller involvement in the global community together with new lawyers and clients.

The whole team wants to provide a program of events in which training, development and education will form the core of the project along with business results. All dates and venues will be announced with a long turnaround time, giving everyone time to plan their trip and arrange a visa. In accordance with the assumption, Das33 will be introduced to the market, thus giving an exciting and unique way to launch the Token Asset Offering platform.

The date of the event in Dubai is already known and these are to be dates from November 21 to November 25! An additional day is to facilitate the submission of many advocates who need time to get acquainted with new ecosystem improvements, and to take full advantage of networking opportunities.

The dates are from 21 to 25 include 21 and 25 days in full.

So 5 days with lots of information ahead of us! We’re counting down the days to this very important event. Once again, we meet in Dubai. In connection with this, a series of smaller events, ie Road to Dubai, is launched. They will take place in strategically selected locations and all meetings will aim to broaden knowledge about the Das ecosystem and Netleaders. It is all the more important because as we have mentioned before, we focus on the community. There is the power of success in the community.

Michael Mathias – We are not slowing down the pace!

Michael Mathias presents a new product offer regarding NetLeaders licenses. After the Barcelona Top Leaders Global Conference, he presented the advantages of the new Enhanced Utility Licenses.

At the moment, every license has a product purpose. When you buy a license, you license a smart business platform that is a CRM tool.

Michael added: “We are a global network and we can use the potential of our network. Our new Smart Business Tools package is a comprehensive platform for a company that tracks communication with various clients and a customer relationship management system.

dascoinworld michael mathias netleaders stabrawa tadeusz

The whole package has many different functions such as e-mail, social media, content management, things that help organize a small business. Thanks to this, the company increases its chances of success and retention.

The most important point of reference is also the AlliancePay prototype, which was implemented before the launch of DasPay in March 2019

It is very important that lawyers understand that Cycles will continue to be distributed along with packages targeted at the new product.

AlliancePay was introduced in the form of a prototype for a selected group of lawyers. This action is intended to test this option. Tests must be done to finally find out what will happen to DasPay and the full comprehensive vendor processing solution.

This is really the goal and offer that every business will be interested in. Barcelona only provided us with this first look.

Active cooperation with Carta allowed to bring this solution to the testing phase, and the final product will be available in March 2019.

The first 500 lawyers will receive a virtual card, then a plastic card, and finally do touchless shopping through the application. This will eventually be implemented in the whole community.

It is worth mentioning that

The launch of Das33 will take place in September in order to ensure full compliance of the project with jurisdictions around the world

DasMarketPlace will be the name of the platform used to purchase products directly from DasCoin from the DasWallet level

The next NetLeaders conference will take place on September 29 – the plan and place will be announced soon.

DasPay and Das33, only a dozen days separates us from the introduction

We’re counting down the days to Barcelona

DasPay and Das33.  Barcelona or the long-awaited event is coming fast. In the last week, Netleaders provided a lot of important information. This information makes Emotions go up. Only a dozen days separates us from the introduction of

DasPay and Das33

It is important that the company also took care of people who had previously purchased their license.

Until June 17, everyone can take advantage of the “Original Frequency” offer, which means that there is not much time left, so take action today so that you do not miss your chance.

During the announcement of this offer, Michael Mathias stressed that it is a way of remunerating employees who helped develop the network at the very beginning.

In addition, it should be noted that all licenses are covered by the offer, regardless of whether they are new or purchased earlier.

33% of the value of bonus cycles is connected with the official introduction of Das33.

June 30 is an important reference point. Five potential partners for cooperation will also be presented on this day.

It is worth mentioning that the cycles will offer more usability as mentioned in the previous article. By increasing the usability of the cycles, their value will also increase.

People who want to grow in marketing need to know that presentations are available in 3 languages, Polish, Vietnamese and Thai, and soon there will be new Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Brazilian.

With translations of materials, you can share knowledge as efficiently and accurately as possible.

It should also be mentioned that on Thursday we were very pleased when we heard from overworked Michael Mathias, who returned from the Blockchain For Impact summit in the United Nations.

Speaking on the NetLeaders Weekly webcast, Michael said the highlight was the final address from Dennis Kucinich, a former US senator.

“He gave an unbelievable speech on the need for self-regulatory measures,” Michael explained.

There was a real momentum that began with this speech about the whole area of ​​self-regulation that is really needed to preserve blockchain.


We drive forward all the time;)



Das33….The fact that DasCoin is not just a cryptocurrency has been mentioned many times.

Indeed, DasCoin is also a technological solution on a larger scale.
Last Friday, DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias announced that NetLeaders had sent out a 10-minute film, in which it presents the concept of voting through cycles on their favorite projects.

All this under Das33.

Das33 starts on June 30. The five main partners are to pilot the entire project. It is worth noting that until now cycles have been used to mint coins, but will soon be used as a voting tool.
Michael pointed out that this is not the only option to use cycles. Soon it will be possible to exchange them for ecosystem services, software development, cloud devices, data services, and marketing services.

das33 tadeusz stabrawa

Everything you need to create and support and maintain the application we offer through the ecosystem.
Best of all, everyone can create projects and initiate them on this platform. Support for a given project will be carried out using cycles. Therefore, the better the design, the more cycles will be received by this project. So we think it will optimize the way these projects are marketed.

Another interesting fact is that the Berkeley digital wallet allows you to buy a new license or to increase your current one. In this solution, however, you need to remember that you need an active Berkeley account that is linked to your Netleaders account. Of course, all configuration information can be found in the guide that the netleaders site provides.

And if you want to hear about all the news and be up to date, all you need to do is connect to the official channel DasCoin telegram.

So many possibilities!

And even more before us!

Full steam ahead!

Daspay beginning

Daspay beginning

From the very beginning, DasPay had to distinguish DasCoin from other cryptocurrencies. It looks like the deadline for implementing the application is as planned in June 2018. Everything is on the right path for DasPay to be launched in June. Just after the event on Friday, on Saturday morning the CEO of Carta Worldwide Braian Semkiw confirmed that the work on DasPay is underway and most importantly they are moving forward.

As many times before, mentioning DasPay will be a smartphone application that, thanks to advanced technology, will offer a contactless payment mechanism, served by millions of points around the world.

Brian said, “Payments and banking had to change, the processors that managed these banks were old technologies, they would have to have a modern technology system and that’s why we have the business we have.” FinTech will enter the market and even banks will start using it to become more modern. “Brian added:” I’m incredibly excited about the DasPay project and we love working on it “

Braian Semkiv also presented how the technology of making cryptoclip payments works as smoothly as payments in the payment system were complex but possible to implement. The device must be able to see the payment. So both problems remain so you spend crypto, but so that the point of sale device can get them. The technology must work in milliseconds and it’s very difficult. “

stabrawa tadeusz daspay

The meeting also included issues regarding:

  1. Back Office and the emergence of the Gift Coupon, which will be translated into many languages.
  2. Michael McGhee announces a number of new products available to license holders, such as upgrades at the NetLeaders Academy, an in-house travel agency, application development tool and much more
  3. NetLeaders accounts update coincide with the emergence of external exchanges, including news that WebWallet is available to the general public

We go to the front, faster and once more.

And together we can do more.

I invite you to my team. And you can become
part of history.

Exchanges DasCoin NOW 1…2 …3 START !

1…2 …3 START !

External Exchanges DasCoin

A long-awaited start on external exchanges DasCoin has just arrived. DasCoin has become an officially cryptocurrency that anyone can purchase.

April 27, 2018 is the most important date in the history of DasCoin. During the event in the London arena 02, DasCoin was successfully introduced to external exchanges.

1…2 …3 START !

Three EUBX, BTC Alpha and CoinFalcon exchanges have started the DasCoin exchange. Hundreds of people interested in DasCoin took part in this event. During his speech, Michael Mathias pointed out that DasCoin’s quotations on public stock exchanges indicate a considerable interest in the model of solutions that DasCoin introduces and which are related to blockchain technology.

george saracevic dascoin london exchangesGeorge Sarcevich director of Webwallet stressed how important the importance of self-regulation of cryptocurrencies is. A very important aspect was the appearance of Annemieke Dierkes from the BitShares Blockchai foundation, who stressed that three of the top 10 blocks in the world are built on the Graphene technology provided by BitShares, and DasCoin also uses graphene. A white paper has been presented that details the information about DasCoin technology. DasCoin takes another step forward. The technology on which it is based has been carefully and carefully planned.

We are waiting for the further development of events, and this will happen at any moment. It is worth noting that the last weekend has changed the look of our sites, i.e. offices in the panel netleaders, and the webwallet. It’s worth to read it. During the event, Dustin Byington also spoke, who said that creating the right ecosystem would lead to people having access to different technologies. Soon the whole intrenet is to be based on blockchain technology. It will not be an easy task, but it is not impossible to achieve. On the contrary, the process of combining these two huge networks has already begun.

What´s new?

Terry O ‘Hearn presented Das33. Das33 is designed to create an improved standard. By an improved standard, we understand an informational website that will describe the technology and standards that apply to Token Asset Offerings

Coming back to the event itself, it should be noted that on Saturday the global NetLeaders conference at Battersea Evolution took place. Information on this topic will be available soon.


bitbay exangesYou must have it!

Hejka Anna and DasCoin

Super woman  Anna Hejka

fot. linked Anna HejkaAnna Hejka, investment and commercial banking expert, Private Equity and Venture Capital as well as juror from the TV show “Dragons’ Den – How to become a millionaire” will lead the Advisory Board of the team creating an innovative cryptocurrency.

London, April 24, 2018: At the head of the Advisory Board of DasCoin, the creator of the digital currency based on blockchain technology, which is the central element of the DasEcosystem digital asset system, was an investment and commercial banker, Anna Hejka.

Anna Hejka

brings her extensive experience to DasCoin, as the founder of over 20 companies, a partner managing six Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, an investment and commercial banker and a business angel, becoming the first woman in the Council and its Chairman at the same time.

Anna Hejka

is an experienced entrepreneur, founder of five Private Equity and Venture Capital funds. She also worked as the director of corporate banking at JP Morgan Chase and as an investment banker at Salomon Brothers.

Awarded with many prizes, she was awarded, among others titles of the Global Leader of Tomorrow, World Economic Forum and Business Angel of the Year of the European Business Angels Network, she also appeared as a juror in the Polish edition of the television show “Dragons’ Den – How to become a millionaire”.

Anna Hejka

joined the Council as a former adviser at the White House of prof. Augustina Ha Ton Vinha, former Vice President of Volvo CE, Dr. Eberhard Wedekind and former Managing Director of Compaq Computer Asia Pacific, supporting the DasCoin project in preparation for entering the public stock exchange on April 27, 2018.

Anna Hejka

“I have decided to join the DasCoin Advisory Board, because the company has a chance of being very successful. Its digital, open and shared business model creates a scalable ecosystem of interconnected producer and consumer communities.

It is the crowning achievement of the work of many great people thanks to which it was created. The project is growing extremely dynamically. I am honored with the possibility of managing the DasCoin Council at such a crucial moment “Anna Hejka comments on her nomination.

“DasCoin has the potential to break the usual patterns for the benefit of all consumers. Therefore, my goal is to provide everyone who works hard with the project with as much support as possible to successfully develop this revolutionary solution, “added Hejka.

“The involvement of Anna Hejka’s business leaders in our Advisory Board is proof of DasCoin’s growing strength. The Council, composed of renowned international experts, Anna brings an element of leadership.

Together, we co-create DasCoin – the international currency of trust, “said Michael Mathias, founder of DasCoin.

The appointment of Anna Hejka as the Chairwoman of the DasCoin Hong Kong Advisory Council took place in parallel with the symbolic opening of the digital ecosystem – the publication of the blockchain source code on GitHub.

read more…

tadeusz stabrawa with anna hejka netleaders dascoin

What’s happening with this DasCoin?

What’s happening with this DasCoin?

DasCoin the Currency of Trust. And it is happening. A lot of new products and more to come. The London event is fast approaching. We start great preparations. Along with them some great information. NetLeaders University started its operation.

What is that?

The University was created to show all the tools and services that are available within DasNet. Anyone who has a license can get access to interesting activities that will broaden his point of view and look at the overall project. Notable events include the weekend in Paris, during which Michael Mathias in collaboration with Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié outlined the details of a new solution to help the clothing industry protect intellectual property. As a result, DasCoin is also familiar with fashion. The meeting took place on March 26 in the cradle of fashion,  Paris at the very top of the Eiffel Tower. Finally, DasCoin reaches high. This is a very important element, because as it turns out DasCoin blockchain can be used in many areas of life.

Now 100 %

Michael Mathias announced changes that have already been introduced. As of April 1, there is no daily limit on the transfer of DasCoin s, all have been lifted.

Michael Mathias also presented himself on the cover of the London LUX magazine. Michael presents the DasCoin cryptocurrency from the very beginning, up to the present day with the inclusion of plans for the future. An article with which to read, containing key information.

london lux michael mathias happening netleaders

Response to acts against DasCoin. The company realizes how many negative and untrue information circulates on the Internet, or other media, designed to discourage the project. At present, actions are being prepared to be taken on this occasion. And if you know something yourself, please send me a message at

At the end of the month, an event in London. This is a very important moment for the entire project because the external stock market is trying. You can buy tickets through the Netleaders office. It is worth to hurry, because the best places sell very quickly.

So many options. What are you thinking of?

Just act and give yourself a chance.