DasCoin its global presence

Since its inception, DasCoin has been a truly global affair.

Between DasCoin itself, DasFinancial, WebWallet and NetLeaders—all key components of the DasCoin ecosystem—the currency is extremely well represented on the worldwide stage, with offices in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Singapore.

             What’s more, with the appointment of several new partners—chieflySt Luke’s, and Carta Worldwide—DasCoin now sees itself represented in the UK and Canada respectively. St Luke’s are a top London-based strategic consulting agency, known for their work with IKEA, Eurostar and Emirates Airlines, as well as the 2012 London Olympic games. Poised to establish a powerful new agenda for DasCoin, St Luke’s aim will be to create even wider global awareness for the burgeoning “Currency of Trust”.

Meanwhile, Carta Worldwide, a global leader in mobile payments, are tasked with implementing the technology required to allow acceptance of DasCoin at retail terminals across the world. The Ontario-based software company have deployed payment services on five continents and were instrumental in the development of Apple Pay. They now have four further offices in London, Dubai, San Francisco, and Casablanca.

Speaking of their work with DasCoin, Carta Worldwide CEO Brian Semkiw said;

 “When you swipe a credit card at a point of sale machine, the signal goes to your bank. We are the people who watch that pipeline and decide on behalf of the bank if the transaction is approved or declined.”

It’s this service which, in addition to building the required technology bridge between DasCoin and the world’s “point of sale” terminals, Carta Worldwide will provide within the DasCoin ecosystem.

Furthermore, DasCoin now has Global Ambassadors—internationally appointed DasCoin advocates responsible for marketing the currency—in countries as far reaching as Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, India, Vietnam, and beyond.